oh, may a clear controlling vision of the Lord’s economy direct my heart!

oh, may a clear controlling vision of the Lord's economy direct my heart!I have just returned from 11 days at the Full Time Training in London as a short-term trainee. It was an incredible time, almost every minute of every hour that I was awake I was with the brothers and we would eat, pray, serve, and sing together all day. It was so joyful! But I realised as I spoke to more and more trainees and asked them for their testimonies that each one had paid a high cost to be there. I was so touched that each trainee had given up careers, friends, family and, most importantly, time in order to enter the training. But why? Because they had seen something special.

I was reminded of Mary breaking her alabaster jar and anointing Jesus’ feet. She had gained a clear vision that the Lord Jesus was going to die and that her time with Him was running short therefore she poured out what was most precious to her. She had a clear vision of the time she was in and she took the opportunity. In the same way these trainees have gained a clear vision of God’s eternal purpose and a vision of this current age. This vision has caused them to sacrifice so much. But when speaking to them I didn’t get the impression that they were grieving over the things they had abandoned. They were wholly occupied in pursuing God’s plan and all these other things had just fallen away.

I realise that my vision is not so clear. I may know that the Lord is coming soon and I know that my time is so precious. But do I have a clear vision of this? A vision that will arrest my heart and grow and produce something genuine and real? I want to have the same vision of Christ as Mary and as these trainees who were able to pour out what was most precious to them. I simply enjoyed that in order to gain a vision we just must be open. Empty in our being. Poor in spirit. Not consumed with other things. Taking a little time to behold Him and seeing a little more day by day. To see a vision that would cause me to forget about all the worries of the world. A vision that would direct and control my life.

“O may a clear controlling vision of the Lord’s economy direct my heart”
[sharing by brother Ben-L. O. after spending some time in the FTTL, London.]

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