One Week Training: Overflow of Enjoyment in the Training

Eph 4:16, Out from whom all the Body, being joined together and being knit together through every join of the rich supply and through the operation in the measure of each one part, causes the growth of Body unto the building up of itself in love.

One Week Training: Overflow of Enjoyment in the TrainingThe one week training was such a time of encouragement, building up together in love. It does not matter how long we have been saved and are in the Lord, what background we came from, as long as we are all seeking for the Lord, we are one.

Not just one but having the Oneness in the Body which is Triune God in us. The time of blending was very precious and we grown together in Christ little by little. Captured by His Beauty.

Mal 3:10, “Prove Me, if you will, by this, whether I will open to you the windows of heaven and pour out blessing for you until there is no room for it”

We Need the Lord’s Blessing

During the training, I was touched by the fact that every result depends upon the Lord’s blessing. If He doesn’t bless us there is nothing we can do but pray for His blessing.

The Bible distribution during the Olympic Games was truly the Lords move, will and poured out of His blessing. 80,000 bibles where given out within few months with over 50% wanting further contacts. When there is such oneness in our prayer, we lay a track for the Lord to pour out His blessing upon us!

O Lord, we expect You to continues to pour out Your blessing! For Your sake, for Your move, for Your return.

I really do recommend you to read the booklet “Expecting the Lord’s Blessing“. What a revelation you will see!

Further Light on the Vital Groups

I was also enlightened by the matter of the vital groups. A vital group is for us to live the kingdom life and the church life. I might receive loads of teaching and knowledge – yet what is my condition?

I was touched by the matter that vital group begin with ourselves spending much time private with the Lord repenting and confessing so He has a way to shine through. If we pray unceasingly, the Lord will bring us companions – we don’t have to go to people.

So often I wanted to do things for the Lord yet I do it in vain because I do it out of myself and my Lord did not have the first place. We can group ourselves together and called it vital yet there might not be any fellowship or blending.

We need to be come to the Lord everyday and pray that we would give ourselves to Him, consecrate ourselves to Him so that He would have a way to work Himself in us and causes us to be vital.

Thank You, Lord!

There are so many things that I gained through this one week training – I could go on forever! All I can say is, Thank You Lord for placing me here and for revealing Your economy to me so I can be a part of it!

The world is degraded and is so intense, but praise the Lord we have the deeper, wider dispensing ever, which is the life-giving Spirit within us! I just pray that you will gain something from my sharing and spend much time private with the Lord.

Mal 3:2, “And who will endure the day of His coming? And who will stand when He appears?”

Lord, open our eyes that we might see what age we are in. We are longing for our Bridegroom. Come Lord Jesus, cause us to be vital, pour out Your blessing!

[sharing by sister Esther  C. from her topmost enjoyment in a recent One Week Training she attended in Bower House]

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