Organic Salvation Through the Life of God (Students Conference)

Organic Salvation Through the Life of God (Students Conference)We can experience God’s organic salvation through the life of God no matter what and no matter where! In the 2012 fall university conference in Bower House we enjoyed how God is saving us much more in His life – and there are at least eight aspects of His salvation in life. Below is portions of the sharing of some of the students attending that conference (see part 1 and part 2).

“Judicial redemption is for us to be judicially accepted for organic salvation. Organic salvation is through the life of God.” – R.L., Reading

“Regeneration is to receive another life in addition to the one we have. This is the life of God!” – I.C., London

“I enjoyed from the messages that today God wants to gain a building, the New Jerusalem. For this He passed through many processes, and we also are passing through these many processes, which are: sanctification, renewing, transformation, conformation, and glorification. This is not something we ourselves do, but what Christ does within us. We thank the Lord that He is arranging all our environment for us to enjoy His organic salvation. He is daily renewing and transforming us, through our opening to Him. I really need to open to Him more in all things, even to involve Him in my thoughts so that Christ will increase in me, making me His precious stone for His building.” – R.L., Edinburgh

“I really enjoyed the secret of God’s organic salvation: God’s Spirit is with our spirit. Whenever we need guidance at any time and any where we can just go to the Lord and pray or simply call on His name. Oh Lord Jesus.” – L.M., London

“I have been enjoying the fact that the salvation is of two aspects. We were not only saved outwardly from the world, but also are transformed and built up with His life essence. Our human spirit can be mingled with His Spirit!” – Y.L., Coventry

“I really enjoyed seeing that organic salvation is altogether an inward matter. Judicial redemption was accomplished for us outwardly but then God came into our spirit and regenerated us. This regeneration is not something that happened only in the past, but He is constantly regenerating us even now and it will continue for eternity. He is in our spirit and He is spreading into our soul through regeneration, feeding, shepherding, sanctification, renewing, transformation, building up, conformation, and glorification. But it is not sufficient to only learn about the different steps. We need to go to the Lord and pray! He can save us organically.” – J.C., Dusseldorf, Germany