Drinking and Flowing (Message 7, Poland Conference)

In man’s relationship with God, eating and drinking are the central and crucial matters. God’s economy is carried out through His dispensing Himself as life into His people, and the way that He does this is through our eating and drinking of Him. In the latter half of the messages given in Poland we came to see that after God gave manna to the children of Israel, He gave them the smitten rock for their supply of water, which is a picture of Christ being smitten on the cross to flow out living water to satisfy our thirst. Actually, we need to see that our drinking is even more important than our eating!

We heard in this message that drinking is actually very scientific, and if we know the science of drinking, then we shall be able to drink knowingly and purposefully.

(1) We should firstly see that we have been positioned to drink! As ones who are saved and baptized, we can know that according to the Bible, we have the position to drink of the living water (1 Cor 12:13).

(2) Secondly, we need to see the aspect of the need of thirst. We cannot and will not drink unless we are thirsty! It is crucial to see that it is a mercy to be thirsty! God has created us with a thirst for Him, and we need to realize this thirst.

(3) Third, we need to come to the Lord to drink. We need to come to Him again and again to drink of Him. We can be positioned, we can be thirsty, but we need to go to Him to drink and not to any other source. In Jeremiah 2:13 the people had forsaken the forsaken God as the fountain of living waters and hewed out broken cisterns for themselves, but John 7:37 the Lord says, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.”

(4) Fourth, we need to ask the Lord for this water! In John 4, the woman at the well hears the Lord’s word concerning Himself as living water, and she says “Sir, give me this water so that I will not thirst…” Wow! We all need to have this kind of dialogue with the Lord, that we would ask Him to give us this water!

(5) Fifth, the way to drink the Lord is to call upon His name! In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul says that “no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord!’ except in the Holy Spirit” (v.3) and then says that “we were all given to drink of one Spirit” (v.13). So our declaring, “Jesus is Lord” or calling, “O Lord Jesus!” is our drinking! What a simple way to quench our thirst!

However, once we drink…we need to flow! Just as when water comes into a hose it must have a way to come out of the other side before more water can pass through, so also we must flow out what we drink of the Lord in order for Him to come in and fill us more! If we do not flow out, our thirst will cease, so it is of the upmost importance that we flow out all the time! There are many ways to do this, such as confessing, praising, thanking, calling, singing, preaching the gospel and functioning! What impressed me the most was the Samaritan woman in John 4 – she saw the Lord as the living water, heard Him, wanted Him, so she asked for Him and she got Him! Actually this point touched me the most, this response to the Lord’s presentation of Himself to us. This really is our experience. We try many other things in the world, many other “waters”, none of which satisfy us. Then, one day, the Lord draws us to Himself as the living water, the water that will satisfy, and our reaction is that we ask for the water, we drink of the water, we leave the other things, even our “waterpot” that we used to collect other waters, and even more than leaving satisfied or happy – we flow out! We go to tell others “Come, see a man”! This chapter in John later tells us that many believed into the Lord because of the word of the woman that testified. This is so sweet. This is the real experience of drinking; this is our normal response to drinking the Lord!

We had a chance to experience some of this on the Wednesday after the conference as some young people came together in several locations in central London to sing to the general public of our enjoyment of the Lord. This was such a wonderful way to flow out our enjoyment of Him; many came to us to enquire what we were doing and received gospel tracts, Bible vouchers and seminar flyers! We began at Speakers’ Corner, near Marble Arch, then went on to Hyde Park Corner, Kings Cross Station and eventually ended up at the bookshop. On the way to Kings Cross, some of us were singing on the tube, and a woman came up to me and asked what we were doing. I explained that we had just come back from a conference and wanted to share our enjoyment with others. She couldn’t believe that young people would do this and said what we were doing was, “really wonderful, certainly a great way to get the message across” and took a seminar card. Others on the tube (such as a business man and a woman with her teenage daughter) were very happy to hear our singing and took tracts from us. This was so enjoyable and a real encouragement. I really recommend participating in these times if you can! Many times when I am in London, I just feel that this city is so dark, so dead and so dry. It sometimes seems that no one cares for the Lord, that no one wants to hear the gospel, but what a way to testify our glorious Lord! What a way to water the thirsty ones! By singing of our enjoyment, we were able to share the Lord in such a non-threatening and disarming way, people could not help but be attracted! In Ezekiel 47, the flow came out of the south side, the right side of the house (v.1), which signifies the highest position, which indicates that we should always give preeminence to the flow! We need to care for the flow, and as a result, wherever the flow is – there life will be, there everything shall live (v.9)! We need to drink the Lord and flow Him out to water whatever area we are in. If we do this, the Lord has a way to bring forth life and propagate Himself!

[sharing by sister Victoria L. of her enjoyment from message 7 of the Poland Conference 2012]

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