Praise the Lord for His Organic Salvation! [University Conference]

Praise the Lord for His Organic Salvation! [University Conference]

The judicial redemption is great! We are saved from God’s judgement, we are justified in the blood of Christ. Our sins have been forgiven and washed away. However, the judicial redemption is not God’s complete salvation. Think about it, it is not that great to be a very clean and beautiful but empty vessel. God’s intention is much more than that.

God intents that man will receive Him and that He becomes man’s content and man’s constitution. But man is limited, man cannot take God in as a whole at once. So God’s way for man is to eat and drink of Him little by little, day by day, and breathe Him in breath by breath. He gives us His life day by day, which is regeneration.

Why are we Christians different from the unbelievers? Simply and importantly, because we have God’s life and nature. And much more, this life, which is in our spirit right now, wants to spread, from spirit to soul , soul to body. During this wonderful spreading, shepherding, dispositional sanctification, renewing, transformation, building, confirmation, and glorification are all taking place simultaneously. Praise the Lord !

In this University Conference, much more than the conference messages itself, I enjoyed the reports from the Christian Students at Uni in all the campuses. There was one key word in all three campus reports, and all other small reports. That key word is Prayer!

Preparation for certain activities is necessary, but without prayer, it is hard to keep us in the spirit, by which we are children of God, by which we work together with God. Things begin with prayer are under the Lord’s blessing, even when the preparation is not good at all. But the Lord will richly supply and deeply bless the thing which you do in the mingled spirit.

Thank You Lord! We are open to be open! You are working Yourself into us for Your second coming. We are qualified to work together with You by exercising our spirit and mingling our spirit with Your Spirit. What we want is not a good life but a way to become a God-Man. Lord Jesus, make us those who are the same as You in life and nature. And my Prayer is “Come Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus Come!”

Sharing from the recent University Students Conference in Bower House by brother Ren B. (Wales).

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