Praise the Lord for the 2015 National College Training! #NCT2015

Praise the Lord for the 2015 National College TrainingLast week approx. 1800 students and saints got together for the 2015 National College Training in the campus of the University of Illinois in the city of Champaign-Urbana, USA, and the Lord had a prevailing way to speak to them, touch them, and gain their consecration. For those who were not there, please find below excerpts from the daily updates at,

Day 1 – link

Praise the Lord for a great beginning to the 2015 National College Training! Yesterday, 1,697 college-age saints and serving ones arrived at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in spirit on the Lord’s Day and registered for the 2015 National College Training.

Those who drove and those who flew to the college training had a sweet experience of being blended together with other students, saints, and localities. God has blended the body together (1 Cor. 12:24)! Over 1,000 students and serving ones flew into two Chicago airports and were safely transported to the university after a 2.5 hour bus ride without any major complications. This is a real testimony to the prayers of the saints covering all the transportation.

Last night, in the first gathering of the college training, the atmosphere was high and released with students arriving early to the meeting with their spirits exercised! As students arrived they began to sing and declare hymns, including a new hymn written for the college training. They sang and prayed the chorus: “I will choose to be a living overcomer / Be a person not ashamed to be a Jesus lover, / One who eats the tree of life, / And drinks the living water! / I will give myself to be an overcomer, / To see a heav’nly vision, / Keep my flaming spirit burning! / Lord, I give myself to You to turn this age.”

Day 2 – link

Day two at the 2015 National College Training brought more enjoyment, building up and pursuing! As the first full day of the training, the trainees are adjusting to the schedule and the pace of the training. It’s been very impressive to see all the planning, prayer, and coordination it takes to carry out such an unprecedented endeavor! There are coordinated eating times, meeting times, exercise times, and many other practical arrangements. It is no small task to feed and take care of almost 1700 trainees! What a great sight to see so many trainees expressing Christ and blending all over campus!

In the first message of the evening line, God’s Age Turners, brother Mark incited the students to fully consecrate themselves to become the dispensational instrument to turn this age. God needs and uses the young people to make a change in every age. May so many trainees have a landmark experience in this college training and build an altar like Abraham. We need to echo Isaiah and say “Lord send me!” For this we need to overcome four things: worldly enjoyment and pleasure, rebellion, death, and natural affection. After the message many students shared at the microphones, consecrating themselves with great resolutions in heart! May we all show strength and take action for His purpose!

Day 3 – link

BREATHE! Day 3 of the 2015 National College Training began with breathing all Christ’s fullness in (Hymns 255). Praise the Lord that we are learning to make the Person the goal of our mornings by taking captive our thoughts, breathing out in confession, and breathing in the Spirit!

RECEIVE! We need content! We need to receive the Spirit of life essentially! Although there are two aspects of the Spirit, we firstly need to experience and enjoy the Spirit essentially as breath and as water. The Spirit is the Son reaching us as the one who came to give life abundantly (John 10:10) as the breath of life and water of life. The requirement is to receive the holy breath (John 20:22) and to receive rivers of living water (7:38-9).

PRAY! If we do not pray, God cannot move. During the second morning session, we were brought into God’s desire to move on the college campuses through our being perfected in prayer. How much we pray according to God’s will, will determine how much God can do. The Lord desires to increase “men like a flock” on every campus, but He needs those that would firstly inquire of Him (Ezek. 36:37).

AGE-TURNERS! This evening the Lord spoke a sober and serious word regarding the kind of life that changes the age. To be one of God’s age-turners we must, like Noah, overcome the stupefying effect of the age we live in and inherit the godly ways of our forefathers to build the ark, the church. Like Moses, we must be like the thornbush that is burning with the divine fire, allowing Him to work through and with us to accomplish His purpose.

Day 4 – link

Praise the Lord for another glorious day in the 2015 National College Training! We have definitely settled into the routine and schedule of the training. The atmosphere is beginning to rise a little more each day as our vision, exercise and blending increases! The trainees have a happy attitude when it comes to navigating the schedule and the campus. The only striving that occurs is to get into the doors to get the best seats for the evening meeting. As one student said when entering, “The kingdom of the heavens is taken by violence!” (Matt. 11:12). The exercise in the meetings has been very released! You can hardly hear the piano when all the students are singing and releasing the lines from the songs. What a joy to be able to exercise and pursue together with so many companions!

The response after the meeting was awesome! People were running to get to the microphone to share and, once again, there was not nearly enough time for all who wanted to share. The overflow meeting had twenty minutes of spontaneous corporate consecrating prayers at the end! Lord may the atmosphere rise higher and higher this week and may You gain the consecration You need to make us Your age-turners!

Day 5 – link

Age-tuners know the Lord’s presence, experience the two aspects of the Spirit, and run with those! This is God’s need! God needs the overcomers! In the Appendix of The Glorious Church, brother Nee says that, “if a dispensational move is near, then God needs an instrument…What are we doing to close this dispensation? What are we doing to bring in the next age? This is a special time, so there is the need of special Christians to do a special work.”

Message after the message the Lord has released His rich speaking with the students responding in a strong and definite way. The atmosphere is high, released, serious, and exercised. The students have faithfully given themselves to the memorization of verses manifested through group testing before the evening message. And the prophesying following the message has been particularly rich. Thank the Lord for all the prayers and covering of the saints fighting for each student here.

Day 6 – link

The collective anticipation for tonight’s meeting built up throughout the day. When the students gathered in the afternoon for the group picture, they broke into spontaneous song. The most college students ever assembled in one place in our recent memory, singing and praising, soaking in a precious moment of just being together, realizing that this time has been so special, so unprecedented, and is now nearing its close. After taking the picture everyone walked back for one last supper, as brother Ken unknowingly called it. But a last supper it was. The last supper before the Lord would gain what He so desperately wanted and needed for His eternal purpose.

At least 99 students prayed at the microphones, but hundreds more were standing in line to pray when they had to stop the prayers because of time. All in line stayed standing and the rest of the students spontaneously stood as twelve of the leading brothers serving in the college training poured out their prayers as a drink offering upon the sacrificing prayers of the students (Phil. 2:17). One co-worker prayed, “Lord it was our turn, and now it’s their turn!” In this way, all of the trainees consecrated and were consecrated to the Lord for His purpose. The Lord gained the consecration and harvest that He was anticipating, and all the trainees broke out in praise to the Lord! As they exited, many tears were shed as they corporately sang “Our prayer is come Lord Jesus!” ending the last night as the Bible ends, with a cry for His return! As 1,300 students walked the 15 minute walk back to the dorms, songs and prayers could be heard across campus, praising and enjoying in one accord, happily exhausted and fully consecrated to Him for His purpose!

2015 National College Training – Final Report

The final day of the 2015 National College Training began with a fellowship concerning the Lord’s move to Europe and the need for young people to be trained. And the best place to be trained is the Full-Time Training! Lord, I am going unless You stop me! However, in the final message, brother Minoru charged the students not to wait until the Full-Time Training to practice and enter into what they have heard this week, but to seize the opportunity while they are still students and go back to their campuses with this vision, and with a burden and commission! Lord, gain overcomers on my campus!

Really it is hard to put into words all that has happened this past week and especially in the last two days. The Lord truly moved in a powerful, touching, and strong way. Not only did the students line up to pour out their consecrations in prayer Friday evening after the message, but when they returned to their dorm rooms, students composed long, multi-page consecrations written to the Lord which they turned in before leaving Saturday afternoon. Many consecrated to the Lord their futures, their future marriages and families, their remaining college years, their going to the Full-Time Training, their work and money and time. Praise the Lord! What can we say but thank You and praise You Lord Jesus for Your faithfulness to work in this generation.

Finally, don’t forget to PRAY for all these young age-turners that they would:

  • Establish a set time and set place each day to romantically love the Lord and eat His word in the morning
  • Immediately commit to daily read His word
  • Walk by the Spirit in daily life, shining as an anti-testimony in the midst of the darkness of this present age
  • Experience outpouring of the economical Spirit of power by participating in the prayer meetings of the church and by preaching the gospel with authority
  • Pray with companions regularly, being built up with one another and loosing their friends and classmates to be saved
  • Daily renew their consecration before the Lord for the rest of their lives to turn this age
  • Bring the fire of the Lord’s recovery to all of His saints in His recovery and be a factor to usher in the final revival that will bring the Lord back!

If you were at the 2015 National College Training and you would like to share what you enjoyed, send us an email at enjoyingthelord @ Let us put the enemy to shame and give praise to the Lord by opening our mouth and overflowing with the good things that God has put into us through His up-to-date speaking!