Praise the Lord for the first college age conference in Poland!

Praise the Lord for the first college age conference in Poland!

Praise the Lord for His Body! Praise the Lord for the first college age conference in Poland! Oh what a shame to the enemy and glory to the Lord that so many would pay the price to come together! During this time we covered the matters of truth, life, church and gospel.

1 Tim 2:4 says, [God] desires all men to be saved AND to come to the full knowledge of the truth.

It is God’s pleasure and His desire for everyone to come to know the truth fully! We need to desire earnestly to be constituted with the truth! We need to cooperate with the Lord and spend time to get into and to be equipped with the truth. If we have the truth we will be able to recognize the needs of the ones we are shepherding.

Life is the substance of the truth. In John 14:6 the Lord says He is the way and the reality and the life. Life is not a thing. It is a living Person! We can enjoy Him and live because of Him (John 6:57). He is our life and life supply; we can grow in life by enjoying Him. But how does it happen in practice? This again requires our time! We need be those who long for the guileless milk of the word (1 Peter 1:2).

Oh how precious is our time. We need to consider before the Lord what our priorities are. Where on the list is our time with the Lord? We need to realize that there is a real battle going on for our time. The enemy may often come in to steal our time.

Praise the Lord for exposing the enemy’s strategy to us. Now we can learn to trust the Lord that if we do our part to seek first His kingdom He will take care of the rest (Matt. 6:33).

Oh may we be those who are deeply rooted in Him and His Word. Lord Jesus, gain the best of our time!

Living a normal church life – this is what satisfies both, God and us. It is where God has His expression and where we find pleasure! But this requires us to bring something. By functioning in the meetings and bringing with us our portion of the enjoyment, we serve Christ to one another (Deut 12:5-7).

Out of this we can overflow. Our experiences and our enjoyment become the good news to others. Praise the Lord it is God who operates in us both the wiling and the working (Phil. 2:13) and that we are just open vessels for the Lord to fill and flow out of us into others as the gospel.

We live by faith and not by our feelings. We trust that this life can do it! May the Lord impart more of His heart for people into ours. ‘He who waters will also be watered himself’ (Prov. 11:25)!

[Sharing by sister Ela S. from her enjoyment in the recent College Age Conference in Poland]

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  1. Hallelujah for Christ’s “Goings Forth” from the days of eternity among & through the youth in Poland and the rest of Europe for the goal of His corporate building, the Father’s House, on the earth!!!

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