Receiving a Vision of the Lord’s Need and being Available for Him #NCT2015

Receiving a Vision of the Lord's Need and being Available for Him #NCT2015The Lord needs people who are available. This was a timely word for me at the 2015 National College Training in the USA. The realisation that the Lord has a desire, a need, and a longing to come back put everything into perspective for me. I had always heard that the Lord wanted to come back but in my experience this was never a thing I had a burden for. I would be touched in a conference on this topic for a couple of days or weeks at most but it would then fade.

The National College Training was a gathering of hundreds of young people who all love the Lord Jesus and want to be age turners to bring Him back. The term ‘age turner‘ was foreign and pretty intense to say the least. Throughout the week, however, the focus wasn’t on the importance of being an age turner but that an age turner was one who loved the Lord Jesus, one who spent time with Him and received a vision of what was on His heart.

You may ask, How do I receive a vision from the Lord? I really appreciated what the speaking brother shared, when he asked, Would you reveal your heart’s desire to someone you hardly know? We need to spend time loving the Lord, giving ourself to Him… and throughout this week I learned practical ways of doing just that were through means of:

  1. Spend specific time with Him: we need to rise up early in the morning and set aside time fully for the Lord where we just call to Him and linger in His presence. The brother made a point of being on time too and even apologising for being late because Christ is a real person.
  2. Pray-reading the Word! Not just a quick session but really eating every word and “chewing” the word of God! This leads to,
  3. Reading the word of God! I personally enjoyed seeing that the Bible is God’s speaking, the essence of His person, God Himself! Oh, Hallelujah for the Bible! How we need to read and spend time in the word. God reveals Himself and speaks to us in the word! We as young people and children of God must know His word.
  4. Prayer! The Lord needs men who pray; prayer is laying down the tracks for the Lord to move. Everything we do must be done in prayer; I experienced this personally in preaching the gospel. We must be one with the Lord before doing anything and in the case of preaching the gospel I prayed beforehand, I opened to the Lord to use me as His vessel, and I asked Him who He wanted me to speak to. There is a difference because the Lord has a way and you are no longer working for the Lord but working to the Lord.

Throughout the Bible God used young men to turn the age. Examples of age turners are people like Peter, Noah, Moses, John the Baptist and even the Lord Jesus! I appreciated in particular Daniel and his companions who turned the age; this showed me the need for companions to pray with and pursue the Lord with. I had a fresh appreciation of 2 Tim. 2:22, “Pursue with those who call on the name of the Lord with a pure heart” and also Matt. 18:20, “And where two or three are gathered in My name there I am in their midst”.

When you realise God’s need and see that He has a desire and that something is on His heart, you see pretty quickly and very clearly that nothing else matters. In my case I remember thinking to myself “what’s the point?” I consecrated and vowed to serve the Lord for the rest of my life and I repeat this vow and consecration back to the Lord everyday! The speaking brothers even encouraged renewing this consecration every hour!

In this the Lord honors our consecration and He is the faithful One in us to carry it out – He just needs us to be open! With the tiniest opening He can do it.

Lord Jesus I love You. Thank You Lord that You want to come back. Make me an age turner. I live for this and I set my entire being for this. I consecrate to You again and vow to serve You all the days of my life. Come, Lord Jesus.

Sharing by sis. M. C. (London, UK) from her top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Share your testimony and what the Lord touched you from this time by emailing us at

One thought on “Receiving a Vision of the Lord’s Need and being Available for Him #NCT2015

  1. Throughout the ages there have been many visions, and they all are clearly documented in the Scriptures. In the bible from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, in every book we see a progressive vision of how God has dealt with His people. In particular to those who sought him and loved Him. God’s word and speaking has continued even unto this day and the age in which we live, according to the need for all mankind, people and nations all over the earth. Mathew 28:18-20 shows us that God wants to make disciples of all the nations to teach, instruct and observe all the things that He has instructed us from His word. Furthermore to be immersed, to be baptized not only in water but in the reality of the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit so that He, his presence will be with us always even until the end of this age. In Chapter two of the book of Acts we see that on the day of Pentecost the Spirit has been poured out upon those who were gathered together and were waiting for His return. Since these days, Jesus as the Spirit has been ever present with them as he is with us. Today his apostles, evangelists, shepherds and teachers continue to live in His presence according to this vision and in one accord continue steadfastly, faithfully to reach out to all people and nations on this earth.
    In Proverbs 29:18 we see that, where there is no vision, guidance from God, people perish but he who keeps His instruction is happy and rejoicing. Where there is no vision, God’s spoken and written word for the age in which we live, people, nations are without guidance and lose, cast off restraint. But today, those who live in His presence continue to seek God and listen to what the Spirit is speaking to the churches. Upon receiving his instructions by the hearing the Word of God we continue to see and live according the vision in this age. Furthermore as we obey His instructions by having a living and walk according to the vision of this age, we live in His presence and are being perfected unto the building up of the Body of Christ that will consummate into the New Jerusalem…

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