our need is to be reconstituted with Christ (2012 Poland Conference)

Far, far behind me! / Far, far behind me! / And once for all I’ve left the world, / Yes, left the world behind me.

Praise the Lord! At last year’s conference; the world was utterly exposed, Satan and his stratagems to usurp and enslave us were uncovered. Now, we love what God loves and we hate what God hates. We’ve left the world, far, far, behind us. But while being rescued out of the world is a once for all matter, with Pharaoh and his chariots buried, more enemies await as we journey onward toward the good land and the accomplishment of God’s Eternal Purpose.

“It’s one thing to get out of the world, but its another entirely to get the world out of us.”

We may have dealt with the problem of the world, outside of us, but within us two main problems still remain.

  1. Our “Egyptian constitution” 
  2. Our appetite, hunger, thirst, and desire that are still “Egyptian”

We need to come to the understanding that high experiences and miracles cannot change us and are not God’s way of dealing with these problems. Sometimes we may have the false expectation that after a mountaintop experience in Poland suddenly everything will be different, only to be disappointed when we return home. But praise the Lord, we have God’s way to deal with our flesh. The ONLY WAY is by reconstitution. “If we would give ourselves to a life of eating manna, this time next year there would be a change”.


[sharing by brother Oliver C. M. of his enjoyment from message 3 & 4 of the Poland Conference 2012]