Seeing a Heavenly Vision that Captures us to Flee and Pursue (2014 Uni Training)

Seeing a Heavenly Vision that Captures us to Flee and Pursue (2014 Uni Training)This was the first time I attended the full length of the University training and I feel it played a crucial part in my Christian life. I struggle to find my top enjoyment of the training because I feel all the messages speak about different aspects of my daily life, and hence was hard to compare as all of them were enlightening and touching in their own way.

However, I feel the training has reminded us of the basic and crucial life practices to develop our relationship with the Lord, such as calling on His name, pray-reading, confessing our sins, consecrating, and having a proper morning revival. I have admit I have been taken these things very lightly, but at the training I was really reminded of the significance of these practices and how crucial they are in our daily living. It’s because of these messages I feel I gained a whole new appreciation of the Lord’s word and love Him more in an entirely different way.

The main messages given at the training covered the topic of the Heavenly Vision, the same topic that has been covered in the recent morning revival and conference. It seems there is a real burden for the Lord to reveal His heavenly vision to us. I enjoy from this past week that we need the heavenly vision. When we see a vision it solves all our problems. This vision must be wrought into us so that it can govern us.

One may ask “what is a vision?” At the beginning of the week when we pondered on the word “vision”, I automatically related it to as some divine dream with lots of spiritual significance such as the one Joseph and many others in the Bible had. But as the week progressed I begin to realise that a vision is something experienced and does not just come as a “divine dream”.

I enjoyed a portion from the book “The Heavenly Vision” where brother Lee distinguished a vision from mere knowledge.

A vision is something that catches us, whereas knowledge is something you have to remember.

The illustration he gave was when he came to Los Angeles for the first time in 1958. A friend brought him to an observatory on a hill in order to see the view of the city. He never forgot the impression he had of the city of Los Angeles as he looked down upon the city. He was caught by the view. But however, suppose the friend only gave him mere knowledge of the city and described the streets and how beautiful the city was at night. After a short time he would forget what he told him. However he never forgot the view he had on that observatory. This is the difference between a vision and mere knowledge.

Throughout the training I enjoyed the verse in 2 Timothy 2:22,

But flee youthful lusts, and pursue, righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

During the training the speaking brothers stressed how we need to flee from this systematized world Satan has created. A while ago I been listening to a series of messages given by brother Tom Goetz called “Flee and Pursue”. In one of those messages he talked about how that fleeing and pursuing are like two sides of the same thing, on one hand we are fleeing from the world, but toward the Lord, we are pursuing Him.

At the end of every message bro. Tom would conclude with the phrase, “Young people, never forget, we are the generation that will end this age.” This is really true and sometimes I think we forget and tend to live our lives how we want to, but it’s great to be reminded that the Lord is coming soon, and we are the ones who would either delay Him or hasten His return. Let’s be those who bring Him back soon! Amen.

Sharing by bro. L. C. (student in Bristol, UK) from his top enjoyment in the 2014 Uni Training at Bower House, London, UK. You can listen to the “Flee and Pursue” podcast via, You can send us via email your top enjoyment in a conference or a training you attended recently to be posted online.