Seeing God’s Dream, having a Mind to Suffer, and Speaking the Dream #EYCP2015

Seeing God's Dream, having a Mind to Suffer, and Speaking the Dream #EYCP2015I feel so privileged to have had such a rich enjoyment at the Poland Young People’s Conference this year, and to be a young person in this age! I was really touched by the fact as young people, we are the ones that are useful to bring the Lord back, and so we need to be worthy and irresistible for Him to return to!

Joseph saw a heavenly vision from God. We may have dreams, such as to become doctors or travel the world, but these have no guarantee of being fulfilled. However, Joseph received his dream from God and he saw the heavenly vision. We need to be dreamers, receiving our dreams from the Lord, which will direct our heart for God’s purpose. These dreams are the ones that will be fulfilled!

According to our natural concept, after seeing a vision, we may think something glorious is going to happen.

However, after seeing the vision, instead of becoming king, Joseph ended up in prison. We may think sometimes, ‘Lord why have I been put in this locality or school, without any other young people who love the Lord’, but the Lord will not make things easy for us; no – we must change our concept.

Because he still thought that he was in Egypt as a result of being kidnapped, this indicated that Joseph was not ready to reign.

We need to be imprisoned and restricted like Joseph to remove things that separate us from the Lord. This is not a punishment but the Lord’s caring and preparation for us to reign in life. We need to enjoy our confinement. Before enthronement, there is confinement!

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

A point that really touched me is that if we want to be in the reality of the kingdom, we need to have a mind to suffer and to be persecuted for standing for God. To gain the riches, Joseph suffered a great deal. In this age, many people are hungry, but the worldly things do not satisfy them.

We must pay the highest price to have the richest enjoyment of Christ. Everything we have, we must give to the Lord. Our feet, our eyes, our mouth – we must give all to Him. Once we consecrate our whole lives to the Lord, only then can we enjoy the richest supply!

Lord I choose You! Everything I have, I give to You!

As young people, it is also our duty to speak, speak, speak! Joseph never stopped speaking the dream. He spoke with boldness. Speaking is what got him into trouble with his brothers, but speaking also got him on to the throne!

Joseph set a pattern for us to speak the dream, to everyone – our friends and unbelievers. When others persecute us for preaching, we need to just keep speaking!

Sharing by sister E. L. (UK) from her enjoyment in the 2015 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (in the summer, #EYPC2015; listen to the messages from this time online here, and find us on Facebook). If you were at this conference and would like to share what you enjoyed the most, email us at