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4 thoughts on “Send Us Your enjoyment!

  1. Our Christ is so enjoyable!

    I enjoyed getting to know the Lord more at the Poland conference this year. He is so much more real to me now. Through all my struggles I have learned to receive the Lord as grace and I appreciate that the Lord just wants us to remain in His presence, no matter what our condition.

    I was really touched with the situation with the giving of the law. The Israelites who were at the bottom of the mountain were in fear and trembling, while Moses was face to face with God, enjoying His presence and being infused with all that He is. This can be our condition today. We can be afraid to come to the Lord, the Word, the meetings or the saints because we are scared we are going to be condemned or given a load of rules that we can’t keep. So we stay away, or come in a closed and uncomfortable state. However, if we see the Lord’s real intention, we are happy to hear the law because we don’t take it as something we have to keep. but a loving Word and infusion from the Lord that makes us much more the same as He is. The Lord doesn’t want us to keep the law, He wants us to eat it! Then spontaneously He will live out and fulfill the requirements through us. Saints, let’s keep eating, drinking, breathing Jesus! Don’t be afraid of who you are or what you’ve done, just come forward with boldness, touch the throne of grace, and enjoy the indescribable love of our Lord Jesus Christ! He wants you just as you are 🙂

  2. Amen! Lord, open us to see Your real intention! Grant us more appetite to eat You, to enjoy You. Thank You we can to You just as who we are! Lord, we want to behold You face to face!

  3. My name is Nathalie, I’m From Chile.

    I was reading about the love of our God…

    God desires to obtain a counterpart, someone who would match Him in every possible way and who loves Him to the uttermost. God became a man through incarnation and He “looked around” in His human life on earth to see who would match Him. He didn’t find anyone to match Him, so He went to the cross and died and He released the divine life.
    Even when no one fulfill their just requirements, this wonderful person fell in love with the humanity, for that, he was unable to discard us. He fell in love with us, and his love was so big that he decided to go to the cross and die for us, that way he will be able to give us an element that made us possible to joining him.

    I’ve grew up listening to this, but is now when i truly understand it. I fell in love to this person too. When I see everything that he’s been through I have no other choice but to love him. He’s my love and my portion. Besides that he became the food, the water, the air that I need. He’s is all I need. Thank you Jesús for touching my heart.

    Dear Lord Jesús!!!
    Thank you for the Saints.

  4. Hi saint/s, my name is Perla and I am a serving one at Bibles for America. We would like to get your full name/s if is possible. BfA would like to send an email to the saints who have a blog. Feel free to send me your full name/s at the email address I provided below. Thank you.

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