Sharing from the Special Fellowship in the 2012 Poland Conference

This year at the camp in Male Ciche, I was deeply touched with the special fellowship that the brothers shared with us. According to the prophetic word of the Scripture we know that our dear Lord is coming back soon, but what should our attitude be toward the coming of Christ?

Saints, ‘every ‘’today’’ that we have is truly the Lord’s grace; as long as we have today, and as long as we still have breath, we should love the Lord and His appearing, await the Lord’s coming and always take His coming as an encouragement.’

Saints we should guard our hearts and give all room to the Lord. The Lord needs young people that will lock up their inward parts and reserve themselves and be absolutely for Him. He needs us to get ready, to be those that love Him and serve Him, BUT moreover we should be those who are revived and are overcoming every day. For that we need to eat Christ as our daily manna in order to have strength to let the world go and wait with all our heart for the Lord’s coming.

Dear young people, the time is short, live out your remaining days with the view of the Lord’s coming back and not be befuddled or usurped by the age! May the Lord keep us eating Him every day, little by little!

[sharing by sister Natalia E. of her enjoyment from the special fellowship at the Poland Conference 2012]

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