Spending Time with the Lord Face to Face to Find Grace #NCT2015

Spending Time with the Lord Face to Face to Find Grace #NCT2015Praise our mighty Lord for all that He accomplished during the 2015 National College Training! Praise You Lord for all that You revealed to our generation!

I appreciated learning during the second evening message that the throne of grace is in the eyes of our dear Lord Jesus. Genesis 6:8 says “But Noah found favor in the sight of Jehovah.” According to the footnote on the word “favor,” we can see that the word can be interchangeably used with the word “grace.” In other words, the verse is effectively “But Noah found grace in the sight of Jehovah.” Hallelujah for this marvelous fact!

Grace, which is the Lord Jesus Christ enjoyed by us to be our everything, is supplied to us when we are in the sight of Jehovah. To be in the sight of our Lord, however, we must be looking at Him face to face! I fully appreciated that there is no better way to be in the sight of the Lord than by spending time in prayer with Him.

We don’t need to restrict ourselves to only praying in the morning or during the meetings; the Lord is always ready for us to turn to Him. May we spend much time with our Lord, in His presence, and in His sight for the rest of our college years!

Sharing by bro. E. C. (California, USA), from his top enjoyment at the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Were you at this training? Send us your testimony by email at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.

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