Stop Trying, Give Up, and Praise the Lord: He is the Overcomer! (2013 Uni Conf)

Stop Trying, Give Up, and Praise the Lord: He is the Overcomer! (2013 Uni Conf)Are you trying to love the Lord, read your Bible, be spiritual and holy, overcome your sin, shepherd, preach the gospel, speak in the meetings, live the church life, etc. but you get burned out, you fail, you lose hope in yourself, in the church, in the Lord? Well, that’s quite alright because your failures are one step closer to overcoming!

Many of us do not overcome because we have not failed enough. Many of us have not committed enough sins yet to fully realize that our flesh is absolutely useless, corrupt, and irrecoverable. We must be brought to Romans 7:24,

Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from the body of this death?

Only then will we REALIZE and say to the Lord, “I GIVE UP! I can’t do it! I can’t take it!” Then we must PRAISE Him, for He is the unique Overcomer in the universe and He lives in our spirit! He is mingled as one with us and cannot be un-mingled with us. Praise the Lord for your weakness(es) because they afford Christ the opportunity to manifest His power and the opportunity for this power to tabernacle over you, to make your weakness your glory, your boast (2 Corinthians 12:9). This is God’s Economy!

Did you not BELIEVE that Christ died and resurrected when you first called on Him? Do you believe He will return again? Do you believe He is building His church today? Then why do we believe our feelings more than the word of God? (And I’m speaking this to myself as I write, because this is what I need to hear everyday). Feelings and Satan are the best companions. Our feelings are lies. But God’s word is REAL! Look away and proclaim the facts in His word and don’t look back. Overcomers believe the facts not their feelings.

You may even say, “I’m too young to overcome.” Well, it doesn’t matter because you HAVE already overcome! (1 John 2:14) “I have written to you, young men, because you are strong and the word of God abides in you and you HAVE OVERCOME the evil one.”

I hope that these 4 steps would become my daily experience as the overcoming life.

Sharing from the 2013 Fall University Conference in London, UK, by bro. J.M.B. (London, UK). General topic: The Producing of the Overcomers. 

3 thoughts on “Stop Trying, Give Up, and Praise the Lord: He is the Overcomer! (2013 Uni Conf)

  1. Excellent post! When I’m feeling down some days I just need to get into His word or listen to Christian music and I feel much more positive. You are right that it is Satan that gives us the feelings or doubts to all of us unfortunately. But we can over come this with believing the truth, prayer and praise!

  2. Thanks for posting! It really watered me especially the point that we must haven’t sinned or failed enough to realize that this self is absolutely useless. Praise the Lord, it’s never too late. His mercies are new every morning and we have a fresh supply of grace every day. May we just come to the throne of grace with boldness! May it not take too long and cause enough damage until we realize that only Christ can overcome for and in us! What a grace!

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