Taking Christ as our Center in the Local Church (2013 Winter School)

Taking Christ as our Center in the Local Church (2013 Winter School)I enjoyed that oneness in each locality can only be achieved with Christ as our center. In Exodus the tabernacle was made using 48 planks of wood, and the wood was held together with gold. The boards of acacia wood symbolise the members of the local churches and the gold symbolises Christ.

The wood on its own would rub together creating friction in the local churches, which in turn would result in the division of the local church. But when we take Christ as our center, He becomes the gold which holds us together as the church. [I.H. London]

From the 2013 Winter School of Truth I enjoyed how the we should not have any denominations or clergies because we are part of one Body, the Body of Christ. We are part of the universal church which is composed of all the believers throughout time and space.

The denominations are used by Satan to divide the believers from each other. But there should be a local church in each locality to stop this! The local churches are the reality of the universal church! Amen! [J.H. London]

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in London by bros. I.H and J.H. (from London, UK), with the general topic of, “The Church”.