The 10 Commandments Show us Who God is (2013 Poland Camp)

The 10 Commandments Show us Who God is (2013 Poland Camp)God’s intention in His economy is to accomplish a goal,  that is, for the Divine Trinity to gain man to be His organism! The messages this year in the Poland camp were about the Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy Portrayed in Exodus.

In today’s world people only think about the Ten Commandments when they hear someone mention Exodus, and that was how I was before. In this conference I learned that the most important aspect portrayed exodus is God’s revelation. You can’t look at the 10 commandments without looking at God’s revelation in Exodus.

The ten commandments are like a law. This law describes to us what kind of God He is, what kind of image He bears, and what kind of attributes He possesses; hence, the law as God’s portrait is called “the testimony of God” in the Old Testament.

So, from the ten commandments we see that God is a jealous God, a holy God, a loving God, a righteous God, a truthful God, and a pure God.

And in Exodus we see that if we call on His name, God will come to us in any situation we are in. This book  begins with the children of Israel in slavery but eventually through God’s revelation, Exodus ends with God’s building, the tabernacle.

It is the same with the Bible. The Bible begins with a choice, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Man ate of the wrong tree and fell; yet the Bible ends in Revelation 22 with God’s house and man dwelling in God’s house with the tree of life.

God doesn’t want to dwell in the heavens, He wants to dwell in us – that’s why He went through so many processes just to gain us. God saved us so that we can be brought into His presence, so that we can have a revelation about who God is.

All we have to do is call on His name! Also, we need to tell Him that we can’t keep the 10   commandments, ONLY HE CAN! So Lord Jesus live in us!

Sharing by Solomon M. from his top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013). Read more testimonies via the Facebook page.

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  1. The Christ is the living Law of God. In Christ all has become reality and been completed. Praise the Lord! Jesus is the Lord!

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