The Church is the Desire of God’s Heart (2013 University Training)

The Church is the Desire of God's Heart (2013 University Training)God’s intention is to work Himself into His chosen, redeemed, and regenerated people. Very often, we are trying to work for God, but in reality, God Himself wants to work Himself into us, so that through us He can accomplish His purpose. Only when we see this vision, we can work for God.

On the other hand, we may be doing a work for the Lord, but if it is not church-centered it does not match God’s heart’s desire. We must see and be deeply impressed that the church is God’s heart’s desire. God’s purpose in creation was to produce the church.

Thus, we are not saved for our own salvation; we are saved for a building up of the church. In fact, all that God does is for the church. Everything we are doing in a church life: gospel preaching, morning revival, prophesying, reading the ministry, blending, spending time with the Lord and many other aspects are for the church.

In this University Training I was very impressed that the very God Himself opened His heart’s desire to us, why are we not willing to open ourselves up to Him?

Don’t you want to know your God?
What’s hidden in His heart for you?
How much He longs for you to come and open up!

In Eph. 5:25 we see that Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her. The Lord Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross for us, for His masterpiece, for His poem, for His divine design, so that He can produce the church.

It was for her the church His bride,
It was for her willingly He died,
She is the joy deep in His heart,
His masterpiece, His counterpart.

Saints, we must open ourselves up to the Lord Jesus not only individually but in corporate matter. I realised that I am not here for myself, for my career, for my education, for my spirituality, but I am here for Christ and the church.

I am still in the church life because of the Body. I do live if all you saints stand firm in the Lord. We need a vision to see, wherever we are and whatever we do will be for the church.

Sharing by bro. J.N. from his top enjoyment in the 2013 University Training at Bower House (London, England).