The defeat of Amalek (Message 8, Poland Conference)

We have to be unveiled to see and face the realisation that our flesh will be with us, troubling us, even waring against our spirit for our entire Christian life. The flesh, typified by Amalek is a greater enemy than world is. As soon as we are under-nourished, we give ground and opportunity for the flesh to come out.

  ‘If we do not enjoy the heavenly manna daily and drink of the living water consistently, we shall be defeated by the flesh and subdued by it’.

Eating Jesus daily is a matter of life and death. If we stop eating, the result will be spiritual death. It is the same as in the physical realm. We are dependent of eating and drinking to maintain our physical life. We never graduate from eating and drinking. Just because we had a good meal yesterday doesn’t mean that we don’t need to eat today. This is a great realisation and it is actually God’s wisdom that we would be depend of Him,  coming to eat of Him as the living bread every morning.

In this message we saw that during the battle against Amalek the victory was wholly dependent on the prayer of Moses; when Moses tired Amalek was winning but when his arms were held up by Aaron and Hur and when he was able to rest on a rock the battle was won by Joshua and the weak men. This picture presents to us the way to defeat the flesh. The weak men were prepared for the battle by the eating of the manna and the drinking of the water from the cleft rock. They were dependent on and constituted with God’s supply. When they came up against Amalek they were still weak men depending on Moses, depending on the rock which he sat on and depending on Hur and Aaron to lift up his arms. We see in this message that although we  have the heavenly supply, we must still depend on the Lord to defeat our flesh. We will never be strong enough to fight out of our own volition. We will always need the heavenly Christ to be interceding for us as Moses was, we will always need the indwelling Christ fighting for us as Joshua was and we will never be able to win without Christ as our Rock for us to rest on.

What was particularly enjoyable was that:

‘apparently the battle against Amalek was fought by weak men; actually it was fought by God Himself. The question of victory or defeat did not depend on the fighting of the weak men; although they had to fight, victory did not depend on them.’ 

Praise the Lord, ‘we can only overcome by being the weak men who pray with the ascended Christ and are one with the fighting Christ’. We must take the initiative to fight our flesh, but God is the one who wins the battle.

[sharing by brother Jacob M. of his enjoyment from message 8 of the Poland Conference 2012]

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  1. Amen! we can only overcome by being the weak men who PRAY with the Ascended Christ and are ONE with the fighting Christ! Praise the Lord! O what a Christ have we!

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