The Ground of the Church is Very Important (2013 Winter School)

The Ground of the Church is Very Important - sharing from the 2013 Winter School of Truth in London (UK)“But to the place which Jehovah your God will choose out of all your tribes to put His name, to His habitation , shall you seek, and there shall you go.” Deuteronomy 12:5

Praise the Lord! One matter I really enjoyed in the 2013 Winter School of Truth (in London, UK) is the the ground of the church. Although the Lord have given us countless choices throughout our life, He did not give us a choice when it comes to the proper ground of the church.

This ground or standing of the church is very important; in the Old Testament, there was only one place which God had appointed to build His dwelling place. It would be improper and unacceptable for one to build the temple in somewhere else other then the ground chosen by God.

From this we can see that we have no right to “build the church” in any place we choose.
The place which God chose as a worship center keeps His people from dividing. Without this, His people will just scatter all over the place, worshiping Him in whatever place they want and however they want, creating many divisions among them.

Today, the world see these many divisions in the denominations and sects as normal, that there are supposed to be many different “churches” in a locality. But saints, from the beginning, it has not been so.

In the beginning, there is one church in one locality. In the beginning, all the saints are one in Christ, and each member functioned in the church. There was no distinction between race, nationality, or social class. No one is more important than the others.

Thank you Lord that this truth which was hidden throughout the centuries can be recovered through the works which You have done through the brothers! We can come to You again, take You in as life, and join into Your family now.

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in London by brother T. Y. (Turkey), with the general topic of, “The Church – the Vision and the Building up of the Church”.

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