The Highest Profession on Earth is Just to Spend Time with God (2013 Poland Camp)

The Highest Profession on Earth is Just to Spend Time with God (2013 Poland Camp)This Poland conference was about the crucial aspects of God’s economy portrayed in Exodus through Revelation, and our focus was on the Ten Commandments. Ever since fifth grade when I learned about the Ten Commandments I didn’t really know what they signified. I thought it was just ten laws that Jehovah God gave for us, the children of Israel, to keep, to just worship Him.

But I really enjoyed that the Ten Commandments were actually “an engagement contract” between Jehovah and the children of Israel. Jehovah gave to the children of Israel these Ten Commandments so that they would get to know what type of God He is, what many virtues and values and everything He is.

These Ten Commandments were given for the children of Israel to get to know this Jehovah and not to think He is so far away from them. Back then the Ten Commandments were the only laws Jehovah God gave to the children of Israel. They always abode by them, so these words were the only thing that they could approach God with.

I really enjoyed that the highest profession on earth is just to spend time with God. There is nothing simpler than to spend time with Him and be in His word and always contact this living One in the word.

There are three types of people we can be. We can either be those on top of the mountain like Moses, being in peace with God and just contacting God; we could be those people who are just watching and praying but not really approaching God, and we can be those like the children of Israel who are at the bottom of the mountain trembling and just fearing God because they don’t know how approachable He is.

So we really need to just read the word and contact the living One, the Lord.

Sharing by S.C. (CA, USA) from the recent Poland Camp (European Young People’s Conference in Poland). Read more such testimonies via the Facebook Page.