The Kernel of the Bible being Christ and the Church (MUST)

I surely did enjoy the recent University Training in April on “The Existence, The Word, and The Economy of The Triune God“. It was a profitable time for us as young people to be trained and equipped with the fundamental truths of the Bible and moreover, for God and His Building.

I would firstly begin by making this statement:
The Kernel of God’s divine revelation is Christ and His Body, the Church.

I have attended two trainings: One in March 2012 and the recent training in April 2012. In both of these trainings I was really enlightened to realise that everything is just Christ. In seeing this wonderful Christ, you simultaneously appreciate the significance and preciousness of His counterpart, the church.

In our Christian life, we habitually pray for all kinds of things. If it’s a matter related to our studies, we may ask the Lord in His mercy to grant us the wisdom. If the problem entails dealing with your unbearable spouse, you may ask the Lord for endurance. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in asking the Lord for any of the points mentioned above; however, what is our view and what is the motive behind our petition? It is vitally crucial to realise that all of these points and the foregoing is Christ Himself and not something apart from Christ. Do you desire patience? Turn to Christ! Do you desire a heart for the gospel? Seek Christ. Do you desire to overcome the world with all its attractions and entertainments, Gain Christ.¬†And what is amazing is that this Christ is within us all! Hallelujah! Day by day, we should ask the Lord to enlarge our capacity for the dispensing of Himself into all the parts of our being. As we undergo this process of transformation, spontaneously our temper disappears and Christ becomes our content and reality. Praise the Lord!

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  1. Amen! We can call, O Lord Jesus and more of his divine element is added to us and we grow with growth of God.

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