The Kernel of the Bible (from Ruth to Esther, MUST)

I appreciated in the last MUST (Monthly University Students Training) going through the heart of the Old Testament by seeing that God desires a dwelling place. Ruth in the Old Testament was the great-grandmother of David, and Samuel was the prophet chosen by God to appoint David as King. Here we saw two people arranged by God to bring forth David for the building of His dwelling place, the Temple on Mount Zion.

Seeing that God had chosen a specific place to build His temple meant that once King Solomon (1 Kings 8) had built it, God’s shekinah glory filled the temple. In the Old Testament, Jerusalem was the unique ground to which God had chosen for His dwelling place, and now according to God’s New Testament Economy the unique ground is the church; one church in each city.

Later, the glory of God left the temple due to idols being placed in the temple. Here we saw that this can even come from our shortage in Christ. When we are diligent to take Christ as our life, the enemy has no ground in our being. Eventually, the children of Israel were taken into captivity and the temple was destroyed. This is seen in the books of 1&2 Kings and 1&2 Chronicles.

During the children of Israel’s captivity in Babylon the glory of God was not there. Daniel the prophet would pray three times a day towards Jerusalem for the Temple to be rebuilt so that God’s glory would return. How we thank the Lord that He never forsakes His purpose! In Ezra we see the return of a remnant to build God’s dwelling place. I enjoyed seeing that this was just a remnant. We should never be disheartened if there is a small number in our meeting locality, as God only needs a remnant to carry out His building. What touched me on this point is that the few who returned had their spirit stirred up. This is altogether a matter of the spirit and when we make decisions, no matter how great or small; we should be in our spirit seeking what is on the Lord’s heart.

Most of the ones who returned were not strong and we have to see that the condition of these ones may have been weaker than some of the spiritual men in Babylon, however they received the blessing by regaining the glory of God on the earth. The children of Israel RETURNED to the ground chosen by the Lord RECOVERED the ground of Jerusalem and REBUILT the Temple. Today, we as the 21st Century Nazarites should have the Lord’s heart’s desire to return, recover and rebuild!

Source: The Kernel of the Bible.

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  1. amen, brother! I was also impressed with the fact that no matter how "dark" the situation may have been, the Lord always has SOME, a remnant, who stand for Him on the earth! In every age and in every generation the Lord is looking for some "stepping stones", a "dispensational instrument", some who are absolute for Him and who can be used by Him. How much we need to be recovered to God's original intention for man – to be God's dwelling place, where His glory is!

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