The Key to Studying the Truth and Seeing the Heavenly Vision: our Spirit! (2014 Uni Training)

The Key to Studying the Truth and Seeing the Heavenly Vision: our Spirit! (2014 Uni Training)In the past University Training, I felt that the spirit is the most important key, since no matter what we do, if we are not in the spirit, it’s meaningless. In the meeting, I tried to exercise my spirit as much as possible by singing, pray-reading, calling on His name, so that I may contact and enjoy the Lord. To some extent, I felt that the Lord is so sweet and so enjoyable.

I also enjoyed that the only way to study the truth is “in our spirit”! And through His Spirit, God is able to guide us into all the reality, the truth. Studying the truth is not by our own understandings or imagination. Without the exercise of our spirit, they are only words and knowledge for us; this is why the truth is very much related to the Spirit. The divine revelation can be revealed to us only by having a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

There’s another point that I what to share: we need to pick up the crucial point of the truth, and spend plenty of time on it, to really get into it, deeper and deeper, mainly by pray-reading and enjoying the word of God day-by-day in our daily life. I’m enlightened that we should not merely “skate on the surface” as if we’re reading the newspaper, or else the inspiration might only stay in a short time. In order to receive the revelation, we need to stay focus and get into the main points as our daily enjoyment. Every time we enjoy the same verse, the different light and enjoyment comes out.

Studying the truth is the basic way for us to grow in life. Through the truth, we are able to receive revelation; and through the revelation, we will see the vision with the enlightenment of the divine light! The heavenly vision is concerning God’s move and economy, and we all need to be constituted with the truth so that we may understand the Lord in a sufficient way. Every day, we get our heart prepared to receive the enlightenment and to gain more Christ!

During this process, lots of prayers are required. We don’t want to be just baby-Christian: we want to grow in life, be prepared and equipped, and become useful vessels for Him. Praise The Lord!

Sharing by bro. G. W. (student in London, UK) from his top enjoyment in the 2014 Uni Training at Bower House, London, UK. You can send us via email your top enjoyment in a conference or a training you attended recently to be posted online.