The Lord is Calling for Overcomers Today! (2013 University Conference)

The Lord is Calling for Overcomers Today! (2013 University Conference)The Lord is calling the overcomers today! And I truly believe that the Lord was calling the overcomers among the university students in last weekend through His rich speaking. I was very impressed by the opening word of the brothers during the first session of the conference:

We are now living in a very important and particular age in the church history and also the human history. We are at the end of this age, therefore God needs to gain another special group of people in His recovery for His last dispensational move – these are the overcomers!

I have always had the thought that the overcomers are the ones who are particularly strong or spiritual, however in this conference the Lord shined on me to see that the overcomers are the ones who are normal according to God’s standard of normality.

And today WE are the ones who are God’s overcomers because Christ, the overcoming One, lives in us! Therefore it is normal for “not I who lives” (Gal. 2:20); it is normal for the young people to “be strong and overcome the evil one”! (1 John 2:14)

We Overcome in the Body

What really impressed me was that while these messages on the overcomers seemed to be so high, through the help of the speaking brothers they are now becoming so practical to me! And what these messages lead us to is not something individual but something corporate! There is no way we can be God’s overcomers without being in Body and without seeing and practicing the reality of the Body of Christ.

We see this in Romans 12:1 the bodies presented for the church life is a living sacrifice, this means that although we are many, yet we are one entity, in one Body.

Who are you grouped with in your locality? Are you practically joined to the saints around you?

I was enlightened to realise that the Lord does not want individuals but a corporate man, a group of overcomers. In my campus, in the locality I am in, even in the whole United Kingdom, the whole Europe, the way to fight the battle is not to break the formation but to be practically built with all other saints!

I no longer want to be detached from the saints, I want to be grouped and built up with the saints around me. I am willing to be part of God’s overcomers today! Lord, I am here, build me up!

Sharing from the 2013 Fall University Conference in London, UK, by bro. N.K (Reading, UK). General topic: The Producing of the Overcomers.

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  1. Amen ! May we be grouped with our locality and not break formation ! May we overcome together in the Body !

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