the science of drinking (Message 7, Poland Conference)

The burden of message 7 was that we need to be Christians who are constantly drinking the Lord! God’s intention is satisfy man and be his enjoyment in order to ultimately gain His hearts desire through man. We must realise that the ONLY thing that can truly satisfy us is God Himself. To gain such a satisfaction we need a way to partake of him. He has sovereignly arranged this in the way of our drinking. We need to constantly drink of the living water, which source is God Himself. So, how do we drink God? We need to major in the science of drinking! This consists of 5 aspects:

1.     Positioning: we need to position ourselves to drink. When we get baptized we are automatically put in the position to drink

2.     Thirst: we need to be thirsty Christians. This is to be a normal Christian. We cannot drink and be satisfied if we are not thirsty!

3.     Come: we need to come to the Lord continually. We can practically do this in our reading the bible, singing, praying, etc.

4.     Ask: we also need to ask the Lord for the water; “Lord I’m thirsty, give me to drink.”

5.     Call: once we have checked off all the above requirements we simply need to call: OH LORD JESUS! Then he supplies us! How sweet and simple!

It is through our drinking the Lord can work Himself into us and become one with us organically! However, I appreciated that we also need to flow! If there is no flowing then our drinking is in vain. The lack of flowing can ultimately damage our drinking. The way to flow is to simply speak to others what we have enjoyed of our wonderful Christ, whether it be flowing out to the saints, our friends or even strangers! This is how to have a healthy way of drinking in the normal Christian life.

I was also so impressed with John 4:14;

“But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall by no means thirst forever; but the water that I will give him will become in him a fountain of water gushing up into eternal life.”

In this one verse the Lord promises us so much and all we have to do is drink of Him. Praise the Lord we can be thirsty Christians who can simply drink and flow Him!