The Vision of God’s Building is Seen When We Come Forward! (2014 Poland Camp)

poland camp 2014 vista 3

This was my first time attending the Poland Camp and I have to say it was life changing!

The topic was the crucial aspects of God’s economy portrayed in Exodus, and they were on the fourth year concerning the building.

In the first year we saw the matter of salvation out of Egypt – this wasn’t the Lord’s goal; then, the provision of the manna in the wilderness in the second year – this wasn’t the Lord’s goal either. Even the vision revealed to Moses at the top of the mountain in the third year wasn’t the goal. The goal was God’s building! In fact the building is what is in the deepest part of God’s heart. I truly believe the Lord opened His heart to us this week concerning His building.

In order to see the vision of His building we must practice coming forward. I had such a fresh appreciation of the tabernacle and its practical use. Every step in the tabernacle brings us closer to God.

An aspect that moved me concerned not remaining in the outer court. Here we confess our sins and cleanse ourselves from all unrighteousness. But we cannot remain there! We must come forward to the Holy of Holies! When we practice coming into the Lord’s presence, we won’t care what He can do for us but only for the Lord Himself. Through us abiding in Him and He in us, we see the vision of His building. How marvelous is this!

I appreciated how it all comes down to spending time with the Lord. It’s easy to go to a conference like the European Young People’s Conference in Poland and get inspired. It’s another thing to practice. We must practice every single day.

We should feel so privileged! In the Old Testament, the holy priests could go into the Holy of Holies only once a year, but we have an opportunity to do so everyday! Coming into the Lord’s presence everyday will give us a heart for His building. Thank You Lord for such a vision! Make us those who practice coming forward every single day!

The Lord desires to come back. He wants the church, His bride. The church is the joy deep in His heart. Today we have a golden opportunity. We must pray,

Lord, I am here! Don’t pass me by! I want to actively be building!

Sharing by sister L. R. (Miami, Florida, USA), from her top enjoyment in the 2014 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (the 2014 Poland Camp). If you want to share YOUR enjoyment from this conference email it to us at