This Week Was the Beginning of the Lord’s Possession of Us! #NCT2015

This Week Was the Beginning of the Lord's Possession of Us! #NCT2015Wow, what a week the National College Training was! When considering what to share from this training, I get overwhelmed because there’s just so much! Praise the Lord! It will take eternity to digest everything from this training.

During the Friday night message Br. Minoru said something that really touched me: “This week is the beginning of the Lord’s possession of us”. I really feel this was the case. This is the beginning of Him wooing and winning over this generation – a generation that will not be conformed to this age, a generation that will seek Him first in every aspect of their life, realizing that the greatest privilege on this earth is to hand yourself completely over to Him and for His purpose!

May we be those who continually offer a fresh consecration to the Lord to be this generation – the generation of young people that will be today’s overcomers and bring the Lord back!

To be the generation that brings the Lord back, there needs to be some young people who will consecrate themselves willingly to the Lord. That means that there is nothing and no one that forces us to do it, but rather we exercise our human will. We have to CHOOSE to take this way.

And I was so encouraged to see that real consecration is not promising to do something for the Lord. Real consecration is allowing the Lord to do something in us, and our only response needs to be “Lord, here I am!” We shouldn’t worry about whether or not we can keep our consecration. We need to look to a higher life, the divine life which is right inside of us! Hallelujah for such a high life in our human spirit!

This is the only life that can keep our consecration new and fresh. We need to realize that the Lord simply needs us to ALLOW Him to do whatever He wants in us. We just need to keep enjoying Him!

“If I do the drinking then God gives the growth” – (song) Christ has come to be life.

If we will not be today’s consecrated young people, the living overcomers, then who will? May the Lord really open our eyes to really see what He is after today, and the cooperation He needs. Amen, Lord do it! Lord we CHOOSE to be Your living overcomers!

Sharing by J. D. (Winnipeg, Canada) from his top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Share what touched you during this training by emailing us at


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