Touching the Living Person of Christ and Having an Absolute Consecration #NCT2015

Praise the Lord! One of my favourite times in the 2015 National College Training in the USA was the morning watch. I learned that the goal is to come to a living Person rather than rushing to finish today’s message and verses. It is a time with the Lord. A time to stop our entire being – our thoughts, emotions, and will; and not opening our mouths quickly but beholding the beauty of the Lord in silence.

Then as we call ‘O Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus…’ we begin to calm down, we are breathing Him in calmly, opening up our whole being and removing obstacles as we pray, until there is nothing between the Lord and us.

We need these set times to devote ourselves to absorbing God to an extent that we cannot continue our day without breathing in Christ in the morning. One prayer that really touched me is from the morning watch – day 4,

Lord, come down again today to the place where I am. I am in the place of failure, in the place of leprosy, and I cannot deliver myself. Lord, if You come to the place where I am, I will be delivered. O Lord, I have been cleansed by You, but I still need You more and more. Come down, Lord, to the place where I am. Thank You Lord for coming down to me all the time.

Prayer is followed by consecration. A genuine and absolute consecration.

Every hour, re-consecrate yourself to the Lord. No consecration is too much.

The price, high or low, depends on how much you value your own life. If you have seen His preciousness, what else is a more valuable price to pay? Your life?
– Brother Minoru Chen

I was so exposed when the brother constantly emphasized that we need to be ABSOLUTE in our consecration. Whatever we have, just offer it to Him, as one consecration will lead to another. This is all we can do, presenting ourselves to God willingly. Throughout the years, He is waiting for only one kind of person – the Nazarites. These are the voluntarily consecrated ones, those who are sanctified absolutely and ultimately for God. They have one heart to love Him, seek Him, live Him, and be constituted with Him to be His expression. These are the ones the Lord will use to turn the age.

I also enjoyed that we need to be FILLED with the Spirit. Not just partially nor half-filled, but FILLED, FULL of the Holy Spirit! When we are filled with Christ, we are filled with unspeakable joy. When we are filled, we cannot stop overflowing Christ by speaking for Him. The Spirit gives us the boldness and power to speak, and an overcoming life and faith to stand for the Lord even unto death. Hallelujah, even though others may curse Him, I love Him!

Lord, empty me thoroughly and fill me afresh. Fill me, Lord, within and without. I want to be soaked with You. I want to be Your testimony before men. I do not want to be a closet age-turner, but be a public one. The enemy wants me to be silent, but Lord, I surrender. You win. The enemy no longer has any ground in me. Lord, I belong to You. Here I am, Lord, ready to offer myself willingly to You. I give You the permission to operate in me according to Your good pleasure.

Sharing by sister N. L. from her top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training. You can also share your testimony of what touched you the most – send us an email at

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  1. I just enjoyed the breathing in and the drinking of the Lord as water. These are essential for life that we can’t do without them. wow how wonderful is our God to be breathed in as air and be drunk as water. oh Lord I am breathing in all thy fullness in and breathing out all my pain sorrows on thy loving breast. Amen

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