The Training was Worth it: I now have a Bridal Love for the Lord, my Beloved!

Song of Songs 1:1 The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.

Spiritual fellowship in the secret place is such a holy thing that it should be sealed. But God has chosen to revealed it to us in the Song of Songs so that we comprehend the pathway of love and be encouraged to go on. If the Holy Spirit has not put a real dissatisfaction with the general relationship and a pursuit for personal affection within a believer, he can never expect to have an intimate experience of the Lord. This pursuit is the basis for all future experience. If we do not have such a hunger and thirst, we will only have a poetic song, and it will not be the Song of Songs. (Watchman Nee, The Song of Songs, p. 3)

Song of Songs 1:1 The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.

What is the secret of the whole universe? The secret of the whole universe is that God and His chosen ones are to be one couple. What is God’s purpose? God’s purpose is to get married. Among the 39 books in the Old Testament, there is one book called the Song of Songs. Song of Songs is more than a romance; it is a fantastic romance. It speaks of two people who fall in love. In this Song we find a woman falling in love with a man saying, “Oh, that he might kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. I am thirsty for this.” Immediately, her beloved is at hand, and the pronoun changes from “he” to “you” (S. S. 1:2-3). “Your name is sweet, and your love is better than wine. Draw me, my beloved. Don’t teach me, draw me. I don’t need a pastor or a preacher. I don’t need an elder or even an apostle. I need you to draw me. Draw me, we will run after you.” What a romance! (Life-study of Romans, message 1, by Witness Lee).

The most mesmerizing thing is that I could love so intensely the One whom I have never seen with my physical eyes! Yet as my heart is turned to the Lord, He removes the veils and I see my beloved. To gain an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus is my greatest opportunity while here on earth – for I who enter into it am forever changed.

Why would I wait to love Him? I realized that physical invisibility cannot hide His practical and spiritual presence from my loving heart of faith. I may entrust my time, my consideration and even my innermost secrets to Him who is always waiting for me to draw near.

He draws me prevailingly, irresistibly and charmingly. He Himself is the greatest reward my seeking heart could ever find.

Never believe the lie that you do not love the Lord. Tell the enemy, “I love the Lord Jesus. My loving Him does not depend upon my ability to love. It depends on His being so lovable. Because He is lovable, I cannot help loving Him.” If I gave you a pair of old shoes, you would reject them, saying, “I don’t care for those!” But if I gave you some diamonds, you would easily love them, not because you have the ability to love but because the diamonds are lovable. Likewise, we do not love the Lord Jesus because we are able to love; we love Him because He is so lovable (Life-study Genesis, Message 61, by W. Lee).

The Bible begins and ends with the marriage. The Bible begins with the marriage of Adam and Eve in Genesis and ends with the marriage of the Spirit and the Bride in Revelation. This final marriage is the marriage of the processed and consummated Triune God as the Husband with His regenerated believers as the bride. This is the conclusion of the New Testament and also of the entire Bible (Conclusion of the New Testament, msg. 113).

Hymn 1154, Stanza 4:

Set me, Lord Jesus,
As seal on Thine heart;
Jealousy’s cruel as Sheol,
And love’s strong as death.
Much water cannot
Quench love, nor do floods drown it
All man could give for love is contemned

If I could take one the most real thing from the training – the bridal love between me and the Lord – I can easily testify that the training was worth it. May nothing separate us from personal, affectionate, intimate and romantic relationship with our lovely Bridegroom. Oh, what an hour sweet when bride and Bridegroom meet!

Sharing by J. N. from his top enjoyment and experience in his two years in the Full Time Training.

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