Video review of the 2017 Summer School of Truth in Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Praise the Lord for the 2017 Summer School of Truth in Diamond Bar, California, USA! The purpose of the Summer School of Truth is to bring our young people not only into God’s salvation, but also into the full knowledge of the truth.

During each summer at the Summer School of the Truth, the young people in the San Francisco Bay Area gather at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds in Occidental, California for a week of constitution, blending, receiving the Lord’s speaking and spending time beholding the Lord face to face!

In all, 22 localities were represented including faraway localities such as Eureka, Crescent city and even Honolulu!

This summer’s SST was held from Jul 25 through Jul 28 and the two subjects covered were God’s Full Salvation for the 7th through 9th graders and Life for the 10th through 12th graders. Besides the class time, the young people received a very encouraging and timely word by brother James Kuan concerning coming to and following the Lord and also on the Humanity of Jesus.

Video Review of the 2017 Summer School of Truth in Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Trainees from the FTTA also served at SST provided testimonies on their consecration and being led by the Lord to the training which was followed by many young people consecrating themselves to the Lord and for His purpose. Many testified that this summer’s SST was the best SST!

The atmosphere was filled with the Spirit and the Lord blessed and anointed the time at SST with His rich speaking and presence.