We ALL Have the Ability and the Obligation to Prophesy! (2013 Uni Training)

We ALL Have the Ability and Obligation to Prophesy! (2013 Uni Training)My top enjoyment from the University Training is on the matter of prophesying. Even though me and my sister only attended the first few days of the training, the experience was incredible. The messages were so rich and more intense than the Poland Conference or the Winter School of Truth. All the messages that we heard spoke to me in different ways and on different levels.

But what grasped my attention the most was the matter of prophesying. Before the training, at the Lord’s Table Meeting I would be in Birmingham (UK), and I would usually shy away from prophesying, thinking that it is mainly the brothers’ or the elders’ job to prophesy.

But the message in the training really spoke to me that “God desire ALL of his saints to prophesy” see the verses in Num. 11:29 and 1 Cor. 14:31, and that “ALL the believers have the capacity, the ability, to prophesy, and all have the obligation to prophesy”.

Before the brother shared this point, I thought I was a bad speaker, especially when it comes to prophesying (because I always stumbled on my words) and that I don’t have any funny examples as many of the others seem to share…But that point enlightened me that we ALL have the capacity and ability to prophesy, and our prophesying is not for ourselves to gain respect or favour from saints, but to speak forth God into them for the building up of the Body of Christ. Wow! Just WOW! This just touched me so much!

A brother shared with me an illustration that really blew my mind. This brother was really into sports and he was very active, and so he said ‘Do you want to be sitting on the bench or be in the game?’ When this is applied to our meetings, it had so much impact on me as it shows I am the person sitting on the bench and missing out on the real enjoyment of being in the game.

Also to back up my enjoyment here are some verses that exposed and enlightened me: 1 Cor. 14:4 “…he who prophesies builds up the church”, and verse 31 says, “For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and be encouraged.”

From these verses, we see that the most important thing with our meeting is the prophesying, which is to speak for the Lord, to speak Him forth, and to speak the Lord into people. Through the speaking of the Lord’s word, the riches of Christ are released and are dispensed into all the saints.

Hallelujah! Let us be active Christians!

Sharing by L.C, a Christian student who just attended his first University Training (in Bower House).

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