We are God’s Treasures (2013 Poland Camp)

We are God's Treasures (2013 Poland Camp)Um so I really enjoyed that we are God’s treasures!

You know, the way to get to know someone is to spend time with them. So we really need to spend time with the Lord every day to get to know Him.

The world wants to eat up our time for the Lord, by tempting us into all these different things. We just have to forget about everything in the world, and turn our hearts to Him!

Whatever we do in our daily lives, whether it be going out to friends, listening to music, etc. etc, we will always feel empty.  That is because we are running away from the only thing that quenches our thirst!

We are vessels, created to contain God, and we should not fill ourselves up with anything other than Him! We need hearts that are open to Him!

I admit myself that I love other things as well as God. But what I realised in the Poland conference, is that these worldly things I love, they don’t love me back!

But God loves me with an eternal love. Which is why we all need to enjoy Him daily, and give ourselves to Him. He is uniquely for us, and we are uniquely for Him. Praise the Lord!

Lord I just want to eat more of You each and every day! Teach us how to enjoy You! O Lord Jesus i want to be fully infused with You!

Sharing by A.H. from her top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013).

4 thoughts on “We are God’s Treasures (2013 Poland Camp)

  1. Really lover your statement: “But what I realised in the Poland conference, is that these worldly things I love, they don’t love me back!”

    • right, the world is not filled with the living water, but filled with the blood of death, what the world
      has to offer is not water to quench our thirst, it is death that poisons us and kills us. in the old Testament world signified by the Nile rever that watered the land of Egypt..

  2. Time is really crucial in the matter of being infused with the Lord. In the recent crystallization-study of Genesis, Message 2, it says that “time is for the accomplishing of God’s eternal purpose, which God made in eternity past for eternity future.” Time not spent with the Lord is time wasted! May we all take time to behold and absorb the Lord! By doing so, our earthly loves will gradually pass away and we would be more absolute in loving the Lord!

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