we can enjoy God as the Father, the Son, and the Spirit (MUST)

we can enjoy God as the Father, the Son, and the Spirit (MUST)At the final Monthly University Students Training of the year I really enjoyed that we can enjoy Him as the Father, as the Son and as the All-Inclusive Spirit. These three Persons are one and the same and by worshipping one, we’re worshipping all. The hardest thing for new Christians to understand is the matter of God being triune. “How can He be three and one?” they ask. The truth is we don’t know and don’t need to know.

To strive to understand God is almost heretical because it suggests we’re smarter than God. How can the created understand the Creator?

If this would be possible, then surely the created has risen above the Creator. It is the same with God. He created us and so He knows everything and more about us. Our job is to fulfill the purpose He created us for, that is to make Christ our first love so He can build up His church.

Through Christ we can touch the Father and through Christ we can receive the Spirit. Therefore we don’t need to be concerned about which one we’re worshipping. We shouldn’t get into a system of worshipping the Father this day, worshipping the Son the next and the Spirit the next. Rather we should be led by our spirit to worship Him in whichever way the Lord pleases.

The Christian life, while an obedient life, is also an enjoyable life. We are fortunate that we can enjoy the Lord in so many different aspects. With so much choice, it’s much better to just sit down and declare “Oh Lord Jesus, I love You!” rather than to think too much. He is One and the same.

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