We Know that God will be with us – He Called to Change the Age! #NCT2015

We Know that God will be with us - He Called to Change the Age! #NCT2015The story of Moses is an extraordinary one. Saved from death by being floated down a river in a papyrus basket (Exo. 2:4), raised to be an incredible, intelligent, gifted man, strived to make God proud but ended up being a murderer (Exo. 2:12), then a shepherd for 40 years, and then eventually, at a point which most would consider “as good as dead”, called by God to change the age (Exo. 3:10).

That story, though extraordinary, is surprisingly applicable to each and every one of us. Our Christian lives are filled with instances when we feel as if we can and should do things for the Lord. Unsurprisingly, these often turn out to our detriment, and are of no use to God. What He needed from Moses is what He needs from us – a realization that we are nothing, and that who we are is less important than the fact that God will be with us, even as He was with Moses (Exo. 3:12).

What a peace to know that God will be with us! What a mercy to be called by Him and included in His purpose! His desire is to dispense, and our duty is to receive! Praise Him!

I turned, and blinded did I see:
The world, its stupefying beauty;
I turned again, and then I saw
The truth of it all, ugly and raw;
I turned once more, and this the last,
Set my eyes not on my past,
Not on my self, but on God’s return –
And, with the saints, this age did turn.

Sharing by bro. TT (Singapore) from his top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Send us your testimony by email at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.