We need to be Active Christians to Bring the Lord Back! (2014 Poland Camp)

We need to be Active Christians to Bring the Lord Back! (2014 Poland Camp)At the Poland Camp this year I enjoyed that we need to be pillar builders, golden lampstands so we can bring people to the Lord. Because if we don’t, then what will happen? Nothing! The Lord won’t come back and we would have wasted another 10-20 years…

We are not allowed to do the same mistake we did these last years and just “wait for the Lord to come back”. We need to be active Christians so that the Lord can come back. We need to be the last generation on this earth, the generation that brings the Lord back!

But we cannot do this on our own. We need the Lord to speak for us and through us.

I enjoyed the twenty minutes we’ve spent with the Lord on the Friday evening meeting. It was so special and wonderful just to spend time with Him. I have never felt that close to the Lord in my life.

But I want to thank the sister that shared how the Lord has preserved her in her golden years. It’s because of her sharing that I and all the other ones in the tent could be in the presence of the Lord and be very close to Him.

Her testimony and these 20 minutes that I have spent with the Lord have really changed my life, and I want to thank you sister for showing me how the Lord really is so close to us in every situation.

Sharing by bro. M. H. (Switzerland), from his top enjoyment in the 2014 European Young People’s Conferencein Poland (the 2014 Poland Camp). If you want to share YOUR enjoyment from this conference email it to us at 21stcenturynazarites@gmail.com.