We Need to Eat the Lord in Oneness for the Church! (2014 Poland Camp)

We Need to Eat the Lord in Oneness for the Church! (2014 Poland Camp)Praise the Lord! This year in Poland I was most touched by the matter of eating. Before hearing the messages I was stuck in the mindset that eating is a something simply for our personal growth in life. However, I left the conference with a renewed sense of not only life, but also of duty as I realised that, actually, we eat in oneness for the cooperate building of the Church.

God wants a dwelling place – not dwelling places. Whenever we eat of the Lord, everyone in the Body of Christ is being built up. Therefore, we can’t reason with ourselves or compromise that because we’re tired we’ll put it off until later because the rest of the church is dependent on us! They’re waiting! The Lord is waiting!

There are many ways to eat of the Lord but this year I was struck most by that of functioning in the meetings. Many of us recognise that we have to be pillars for the Lord’s dwelling place. However, how many of us also acknowledge that we are also pillar builders? The meeting is a place where we can exercise ‘pillar building’ in the presence of the other saints. We should never think that we are too young, inexperienced or immature, and no prayer is too small. Every line and even every word uttered in the spirit is another pillar being built for the church!

Although the time spent with other young people this year enjoying the Lord’s grace (as well as His creation in the form of beautiful Polish mountains), there was always the sense of foreboding looming over returning home. It’s so much easier to enjoy Him when we are with the saints, but when we return to our localities – some of which comprise of very few saints – it is no longer as simple. The fact is that we cannot do it by ourselves!

Nowadays, we have social media and it’s much easier to contact fellow brothers and sisters to share our enjoyment. Nonetheless, God is also waiting on the other end of the heavenly telephone for our call!! We can’t do it alone, but God can.

Lord, we love You! Keep us on top of the mountain, eating You daily. We don’t do it for ourselves but for Your church that you may have Your dwelling place!

Here’s a song that was composed during the Poland Camp, inspired from the messages given during this conference:

1) And let them make a sanctuary for Me,
That I may dwell in their midst,
Our prayer is “Lord, we give ourselves to Thee,
We’ll be the builders for Your economy.”

Under a clear sky,
On the mountain,
Beholding the glory of the
Vision of His building,
That He may have His dwelling place (x2)

2) God needs a group of us to turn the age,
To fellowship and consecrate,
To be in oneness – Yes! This is the way,
No pride or boasting, giving him first place.

3) Our testimony in the Church today,
Is the expression of God through man,
Let’s be the pillars for His dwelling place,
But don’t be passive – trust in His way.

 Sharing by bro. J. L. (Coventry, UK), from his top enjoyment in the 2014 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (the 2014 Poland Camp). If you want to share YOUR enjoyment from this conference email it to us at 21stcenturynazarites@gmail.com.

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