We Need to Enter In and Enjoy God’s Organic Salvation [University Conference]

We Need to Enter In and Enjoy God's Organic Salvation [University Conference]

Last weekend we had a wonderful conference  We realised that the complete salvation of God has two aspects — the judicial aspect and the organic aspect.

The judicial aspect is the procedure of God’s salvation through the redemption of Christ for God’s salvation to fully meet the righteous requirement of His law. The judicial aspect is for sinners to be forgiven before God, washed, justified, reconciled to God, and sanctified unto God positionally.

The organic aspect is the fulfillment of God’s salvation through the life of Christ for the believers to be transformed and to grow and mature in the life of God. The organic aspect is through the life of God to carry out God’s salvation, including regeneration, shepherding, dispositional sanctification, renewing, transformation, building up, conformation, and glorification.

This is the purpose of God’s salvation to accomplish all that God wants to achieve in the believers in His economy through His divine life. Redemption as the judicial aspect cannot carry out the purpose of God’s salvation, because it is merely the procedure, not the purpose.

I enjoyed the portion from the ministry: for example, a cook spends a great amount of time cooking in the kitchen to prepare a feast. However, the cooking is not his purpose but merely a procedure. Later when the guests are invited to enjoy the feast, that is the purpose of the cooking.

Likewise, in the salvation of God we should not remain in the aspect of procedure, the judicial aspect; rather, we should go on to the aspect of purpose, the organic aspect.

Praise the Lord saints. May we just not merely stay in the judicial aspect, but enter in and enjoy the organic aspect.

Sharing from the recent University Conference in Bower House by brother Juanito N.

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