We need to See the Vision that the Lord wants to Turn this Age #EYPC2015

We need to See the Vision that the Lord wants to Turn this Age #EYPC2015This year’s European Young People’s Conference in Poland was truly wonderful!! The story of Joseph is so rich and we can relate to it and be encouraged by it so much!

What touched me the most is firstly to see that THE LORD WANTS TO TURN THIS AGE. I was really impressed that this is what the Lord WANTS. He really wants to put an end the age we live in. This is what He wants. How blessed we are to see this today and to have this conference on Joseph and reigning in life. What a timely word to turn this age!

In the first message, the brother said that this week is a week to receive visions after visions. So here are a few:

  • The Lord wants to turn this age. Maybe this one easy to see because we can see it in the God’s word. And we love God’s word, we believe God’s word.
  • These days are evil. They are so evil. Perhaps this vision is also quite easy to see simply by looking around and realize it ourselves.
  • God needs the overcomers, He needs the age turners, He needs a group of people who reign in life! This is what He needs to turn this age. Again in His word we can see quite easily all the ones He used to bring in a new age.
  • But now we need to see the vision of who are these age turners that He needs. WE ARE!! We are God’s age turners, we are His overcomers, we are sheaves of life and shining stars reining in life!! We need this vision of who we are to turn this age! But maybe this time this vision is harder to see, or to believe in, because often it may go against our own experience. And we get easily discouraged and don’t believe anymore in what we are! But I enjoyed that this vision preserved Joseph even in all of his hard situations. For many years he just lived a life of contradictions.

This last vision of seeing who we are is so encouraging. Coming back home to my daily life, there are so many situations, failures, disappointments… And this is where our experiences contradict our dream, our vision. This is where the enemy comes in and lies to us, telling us to look at ourselves and at the walls of the prison we are in. But it is also here that the vision comes to us, captures us again, reminds us, strengthen us, motivates us, energizes us, empowers us and gives us the boldness to go on!

This is also where we can speak, “I am a sheaf of life, I am a shining star”, no matter what kind of failure or prison we are in. We shine because we have this One in us. So we just have to let Him in our situation, believe in the dream even while in the prison, and the vision will preserve us and bring us to the end! And as we speak this vision we have received from our dear Lord Jesus, we just start to enjoy Him, and enter into contact with Him, and we forget about our situation and just live in the dream.

Lastly, one thing I enjoyed is seeing how we need to spend time with the Lord. This is the way to keep the vision fresh, this is the way to continue to believe in the vision, by enjoying the Lord and being infused with Him as our faith every day. I’m sure Joseph spent his entire day in the prison, enjoying the presence of the Lord, talking with Him, being infused by Him. It is in these hard times that we just flee to the Lord and that He becomes dearer and dearer to us. “This is where we gain the most Christ and where He helps us along the road, from the vision, all the way to the fulfillment.”

Lord we love You. Thank You Lord for this week in Poland. Thank You for showing us who we are! We are Your sheaves of life, Your shining stars, Your age turners, Your overcomers. We say amen to Your word. Strengthen us every day to live this vision You gave us. Lord we are willing to cooperate with You to work out this vision in us! Lord turn this age!

Sharing by J. C.  (Switzerland) from his topmost enjoyment in the 2015 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (in the summer, #EYPC2015; listen to the messages from this time online here, and find us on Facebook). If you were at this conference and would like to share what you enjoyed the most, email us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.