What Would Your Response Be if the Lord Returns Right Now? (2013 USA Blending Trip)

What Would Your Response Be if the Lord Returns Right Now? (2013 USA Blending Trip)This past summer has truly been a ‘crazy’ summer to say the least. But I really thank the Lord that by His mercy and sovereign arrangement that I was able to attend the trainings and conferences that I have done. The Lord has exposed me in so many ways and has shown me how much I needed to deal with my flesh.

The highlight of the entire US trip for me was the College Training – which the topic of this Training was The Lord’s Coming. There should be a desire stirred up in us concerning the Lord’s coming.

The brother asked us “what would your response be if the Lord was coming up those stairs and about to enter through those doors?” Would we be those who run towards Him, loving Him and His appearing, or would we be those who still walk towards Him, but with something holding us back from running to Him? Is our response that we don’t want the Lord to come back yet because we still want to do this and that and be this and that?

This really exposed me that I had to ask myself – what would MY response be? Oh Lord Jesus, how I need Your light to move my heart, that I would look forward to Your return. We should be those everyday who waits for the Lord to return.

Christ is the most pleasant and attractive Person in the whole universe; He came as the Bridegroom in His first coming and in His coming back He will be also be a Bridegroom. In the Lord’s second coming, He will come back as the Bridegroom to marry His Bride.

When some people hear about the Lord’s return, they are filled with fear. But we have to realise that any fear we have concerning the Lord’s second coming is from the devil! It is not a matter of fear, the Lord loves His Bride and that is why He will return: to marry her.

There is no fear in love, for love cancels out fear. We shouldn’t focus on the coming of Christ, but on the person of Christ – we should be full of joy, full of hope and full of enjoyment!

Sharing by sister L.C. from her enjoyment in a recent trip some Christian Students in UK took to the USA, the 2013 Summer Blending Trip to the US.

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