You are what you eat! (Message 3, Poland Conference)

God’s intention to reconstitute his people through a change of diet: The burden of the message was not to condemn anyone of their love of the world, but to show us that we all need a change of diet from the worldly Egyptian ways. This is the deep truth revealed in Exodus 16; that Christ is our real manna sent by God the Father for God’s chosen people to live by Christ.

 A small point that struck me from the brothers speaking was that we rebel because we have not eaten much of Christ. If our diet consists of just Christ I believe it will be less likely that we would rebel or have rebellious thoughts.


So if daily we are enjoying the lord and turning to Him, our expression will just be Christ! Praise the Lord! This was my realisation and enjoyment in this message.

[sharing by brother Glen K. E. of his enjoyment from message 4 of the Poland Conference 2012]

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