We need to Eat Christ as the All-inclusive Bread!

Matt. 15:26 But He answered and said, It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the little dogsThis week’s ministry meeting helped me IMMENSELY. We need to eat Christ as the all-inclusive bread!

In Matt. 15:21-28 the Canaanite woman came to the Lord with a serious problem….her daughter was possessed by demons. At first, her request was very eloquent “Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David” (v. 23).

But then after the disciples implored the Lord to send her away, the women gets desperate, and just cries out “Lord, help me!” This is how we sometimes need to be with the Lord.

And out of all the things the Lord could have said, He brings up the matter of bread (v. 26). And the woman refers to herself as a little dog that eats the crumbs from the master’s table.

The Lord is then moved by her faith, and from that hour her daughter was healed. The principle here is really actually quite wonderful. This woman came with a problem, but the Lord saw that she actually had a a more intrinsic problem…..she was hungry! She needed the Lord as crumbs to eat.

When we eat Christ as the all-inclusive bread, our hunger is satisfied. Any problem that we have is proof that we need to eat the Lord Jesus.

By eating the all-inclusive bread we are brought under the Lord’s heavenly rule, all the “demons” in our being are cast out, we are cleansed inwardly, healed of all kinds of “diseases”, and are able to overcome our circumstances.

Sharing by J. W. from his topmost enjoyment in the ministry as he enjoys the training.