Spending Adequate Time with the Lord to Receive His Divine Dispensing

Eph. 4:15 But holding to truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, Christ.The training has been intense yet so enjoyable. Can’t believe it is already a quarter of the term. Last week we had student connect event on campus so we spend an extra day to be on campus. I got to be brief in this update as I have a lot of reading to catch up. Hallelujah!

For my classes my top enjoyment was that in order for us to grow we need the divine dispensing. We grow up into Christ in all things. Without the dispensing there is no growing up.

In every single thing in our living whether big or little things we need the dispensing. If we are still struggling in a certain thing it is because we still have not grown into Christ in that thing or aspect. We need to learn to be more into the dispensing in that thing or aspect.

And the crucial point in receiving the divine dispensing is how we spend our time with the Lord. I was touched that the first thing in the morning is to spend adequate time to eat and drink the Lord.

The brother pointed out that if we think that spending adequate time with the Lord is when we are driving to work, we are deceiving ourselves. Surely we can receive a little dispensing there. However, to receive much of the divine dispensing requires our entire being. Our whole heart, whole mind and whole strength.

We would not be able to touch the Lord when we are driving as we get distracted by so many things being aware of other cars and watching the lights. It is just not adequate. In fact we the more your daily burden increases, you need to increase your time with the Lord.

You need to extend your time with the Lord. Because without that I won’t make it through the day and it is more important than to start the day thinking that I need to start early to meet or settle the demands and obligation that I need to do.

Sharing by D. T. (a trainee brother in the full-time training) from his recent enjoyment in the FTTA.