Being Truly Free from any Law by Discovering and Enjoying Christ!

Acts 17:27-28a That they might seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, even though He is not far from each one of us; For in Him we live and move and are. I realize that for some people, the Christian faith doesn’t completely make sense – whatever the reasons may be, whether it’s that they feel the Bible is full of contradictions, or they think Jesus is merely a historical figure and role model at best, etc. For others, there are aspects of being a Christian that make sense, and then other aspects that don’t.

I am by no means about to attempt to explain things which have been debated about for centuries and explained much better by others far more qualified than I am. But there’s a particular aspect that I wanted to mention that I think I understood a little better last week. It’s about Christ versus the law.

When God enacted the law in the Old Testament, with its archaic rules and ordinances and measurements and sacrifices of countless hapless and helpless bulls, goats, and turtledoves, it was for an express purpose. He wanted the children of Israel to know and realize one thing – they couldn’t measure up to the things that this law demanded. Even by their best efforts, they would still fall short. The law was meant to conduct them to Himself.

So then the law has become our child-conductor unto Christ that we might be justified out of faith (Gal 3:24)

Growing up in church, I did not realize how many different laws I had unconsciously subjected myself under. I had begun to believe that there was a specific way Christians needed to behave, look, speak, act, think, etc. I began to try to practice it in an outward way, and I was mostly successful. Except that a lot of the rest of my life outside of church didn’t look so similar.

What was I to do? Should I just give up on being a Christian then, since my way of living couldn’t match what I believed in? Absolutely not. To give up would be to do exactly what God’s enemy wants you to do. So what was I to do?

To stop believing was not an option; I could not cease loving and treasuring the God of my life, and I could not unbelieve and unsee everything that had been revealed to me, in the Word and in the church. But to continue this strange, lopsided, conflict-ridden, hypocritical life, was equally difficult.

…I do not have an answer for you, only a word of encouragement: Be Free.

But since faith has come, we are no longer under a child-conductor (Gal 3:25).

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not be entangled with a yoke of slavery again (Gal 5:1).

I’ve gradually come to realize that freedom is a loaded word, and a much more complicated state of being than we perhaps realize. We might think that being able to choose to do everything we want and be anyone we want is true freedom, but I think even I don’t fully realize the extent to which we are controlled by our narrow worldviews, the subconscious and insidious influence of modern society and its giants of commerce and consumerism.

At the very real risk of sounding all hippy and new-agey, I’ve found tremendous freedom in being restricted from using the internet. Gone is the mindless scrolling. Gone is the endless need to find out what new thing some famous person or other said.

But more importantly, I’ve found myself being freed from a lot of laws, external and internal, that I never fully realized I had. Even more importantly, I’ve found myself being drawn to a wonderful Person, the Lord Jesus Christ.

May this week be a week of discovering or re-discovering Christ as a real and living Person, living in us in our spirit, making His home in our hearts (Eph 3:17) and freeing us from being slaves to our tainted selves, to this fleeting world, and to the god of this age (2 Cor 4).

“That they might seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, even though He is not far from each one of us; For in Him we live and move and are” (Acts 17:27-28a)

Sharing by T. T. (a brother in the training) from his enjoyment in the recent weeks in the full-time training.